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myPCtech launches online backup service [05 JAN 2010]

myPCbackup, The Ultimate Backup Solution For Your Critical Data.

myPCbackup is a simple-to-use yet incredibly powerful backup solution. It takes just moments to install and setup. Once you have selected what needs to be backed up myPCbackup will begin sending your encrypted data over the internet to be stored on myPCtech's myPCbackup servers.

You can truly "set it and forget it" as once the first backup completes it requires no human interaction to continue running on the schedule you set. As long as your computer is on your data will be safely and securely backed up. We will have the myPCbackup portion of the site up very soon. Until then, please check out the myPCbackup brochure for more information.

As always, feel free to call us for more information.
(888) 313-9593 -or- (313) 722-4006

Remote Services Available [05 FEB 2009]

Most of our services are now available through a secure remote Internet connection, provided by GoToAssist® Express. Click on the GTAE Support tab for more information!

All of these features, and the entire site, are geared towards myPCtech's mission to provide the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE solution to all of your computer and networking needs.

Breaking News

Security Issue

myPCtech has identified a virus/malware outbreak starting January 16, 2010.

The infectious program
goes by the name of
Internet Security 2010

Be cautious when opening emails, visiting websites or downloading files!

Most importantly; ensure you have virus & malware protection installed, enabled and updated.

myPCtech is available to answer any questions you have regarding this virus. We will assess any risk
you have, and ensure
your system is
protected against it.