Compare Service Costs

Some of myPCtech's services cannot be directly compared to our competitors. Simply put, they are not as thorough and detailed. Our competitor's rely on itemizing each service separately and charging you full price for them. Unlike our competition, myPCtech has no need to bundle services. Our services are fully-inclusive from the get-go.

Here is a sample "comparison scenario" to show how our services include much more, and the pure savings myPCtech gives you:

You suspect you have a virus and want it destroyed. You have purchased 3 extra memory sticks and the new Microsoft Office software, and you want them installed in your computer.

The other guys ("Geeks")

Virus/Spyware Diagnosis $129.99

Virus/Spyware Removal $170.00

Memory Install $49.99
(Only 2 sticks of memory installed)

Memory Install $49.99
(Charged for 3rd stick of memory)

Application Install $49.99

Total Cost $449.96

myPCtech Service & Cost

Virus/Spyware Removal $110

Memory Install $65
(Unlimited memory stick install)

Application Install $35

Total Cost $210

YOU SAVE $239.96

You can basically buy a new computer for what THEY would charge you.