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About the company

myPCtech is a Buy Michigan Now Registered Business
myPCtech is a Microsoft Registered Partner

myPCtech was formed, in 2003, as a small-business operation that simply isn’t interested in making a killing off of our customers to pay for any lavish, expensive overhead or lifestyles.  We do it because we wanted to help and only seek to make an adequate living, doing something we love….and also because we are tired of continually seeing people in technological need being taken advantage of, because of no other reason than a lack of time or knowledge about computers.
In our owner’s own words: "I started the company after many years of working in the corporate IT (Information Technology) world. When companies began down-sizing or eliminating their IT departments and started relying more on contracted or on-call IT specialists, it resulted in a plethora of over-priced contractors and companies. I saw this as an opportunity; to start a business doing what I love and to make computer repair and network management AFFORDABLE again.”
We are experienced professionals who know you want security, quality and peace-of-mind when it comes to your home computer(s) or small business network.  We’ll talk to you in real-world terms that you’ll understand and not try to impress or dazzle you with techno-speak.  And, most importantly, we aren’t the glitz-and-glam that some of our competitors are simply forced to build into their pricing schemes.

myPCtech provides installation, maintenance, and repair of all computers, periphereals and networking components. myPCtech has a 100% lowest price guarantee. If you can find a better deal, we will beat it!

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